Meet an Intern: Victoria


Name: Victoria Fernalld

Major: Computer Science

Minors: Math & German

School: University of Denver, 2018

Why did you want to intern for Nextworld?

I’ve never had any sort of work experience with a startup and so I thought interning for Nextworld would be a really unique opportunity to see firsthand the beginning processes of starting a company.  Additionally, I was amazed by the value that NextWorld and its employees place on their company culture.  It’s so important for a job to not just be a job where you clock in and out, but rather, that it’s a place where you can work hard and be passionate and enjoy time with your coworkers and enjoy what you’re doing.  I also wanted to intern for Nextworld because of their vision.  I think they have a really forward-thinking mentality that pushes the boundaries of the software world—much more so than other companies in the industry. 

What was the most interesting/exciting thing that you've been able to do as an intern?

I think I most enjoyed working on designing the Nextworld website.  It was a bit of an intimidating process at first, because Vito gave me a few guidelines and then mostly gave me free reign with a check-in here and there.  However, it was really incredible to be handed such an interesting and creative project.   

What types of lessons/skills have you learned that you will take back to school?

One of the projects that taught me a great deal was developing a system for expense tracking.  Not only did I learn the processes and roles of multiple parties involved, but it really challenged me to consider the requirements of such a system and then, as a result, design a program with functionalities that met these needs.  In programming and projects in general, it is so easy to just launch into the coding or “doing” of a job.  However, I learned the importance of planning out the design of a system, how critical it is to consider the entire process from start to finish and what that requires. 

Meet An Intern: Spencer

Name: Spencer Jamison

Major: Biopsychology

Minor: Biomedical Science

School: Liberty University, 2017

Of all the companies to intern for, why did you want to intern at NextWorld?

After deciding that I did not want to go to medical school, I knew I needed to try something completely different.  I looked for several different summer internships, and I ended up being presented with the once in a life-time opportunity to intern at Nextworld as a startup.  I could not pass it up. 

In what way has Nextworld impacted you, and how have you left an impact at Nextworld?

The people that I worked with at Nextworld impacted me the most by far.  Every single person is absolutely brilliant, and yet they were not afraid to ask others for help when they need clarification; I would even see them constantly give kudos for other people’s ideas.  They came up with an incredible tool and they still treated my thoughts with respect and value.  It was awesome and humbling to see that from people who are so obviously gifted.

I think my greatest impact at Nextworld was being one of the first interns ever! I think I brought a unique perspective to the table being a millennial.  Although there were definitely some challenges I had to overcome on projects I was assigned, I can honestly say that I put my whole heart into the company because I believe in what they are doing.

What is the most interesting/exciting thing that you have been able to do as a Nextworld intern?  Your "Magic Moment"?

It’s so difficult to nail down one thing because I was exposed to SO MUCH; however, I have to say that my favorite parts were the meetings.  Over the course of the summer, I was able to sit in on a few of the “executive meetings.”  During those meetings I was exposed to all of the nuts and bolts that compose Nextworld.  Anything from employee compensation, legal decisions, office setup, and the software Nextworld is developing.  Just being able to listen to all of the wisdom expressed during those times was an incredible thing to be exposed to as simply a college-student.

What types of lessons/skills have you learned at Nextworld that you will take back to school after this summer ends?

The biggest thing that I learned is don’t be afraid to communicate.  I’m the type of guy that, once given a project, wants to totally figure it out on my own without having to bother other people.  On one project specifically that mindset really hurt my productivity, but once I learned the balance of working on the project on my own and then communicating when I needed the help my productivity greatly increased. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for feedback.   Communication is vital!