Meet an Intern: Victoria


Name: Victoria Fernalld

Major: Computer Science

Minors: Math & German

School: University of Denver, 2018

Why did you want to intern for Nextworld?

I’ve never had any sort of work experience with a startup and so I thought interning for Nextworld would be a really unique opportunity to see firsthand the beginning processes of starting a company.  Additionally, I was amazed by the value that NextWorld and its employees place on their company culture.  It’s so important for a job to not just be a job where you clock in and out, but rather, that it’s a place where you can work hard and be passionate and enjoy time with your coworkers and enjoy what you’re doing.  I also wanted to intern for Nextworld because of their vision.  I think they have a really forward-thinking mentality that pushes the boundaries of the software world—much more so than other companies in the industry. 

What was the most interesting/exciting thing that you've been able to do as an intern?

I think I most enjoyed working on designing the Nextworld website.  It was a bit of an intimidating process at first, because Vito gave me a few guidelines and then mostly gave me free reign with a check-in here and there.  However, it was really incredible to be handed such an interesting and creative project.   

What types of lessons/skills have you learned that you will take back to school?

One of the projects that taught me a great deal was developing a system for expense tracking.  Not only did I learn the processes and roles of multiple parties involved, but it really challenged me to consider the requirements of such a system and then, as a result, design a program with functionalities that met these needs.  In programming and projects in general, it is so easy to just launch into the coding or “doing” of a job.  However, I learned the importance of planning out the design of a system, how critical it is to consider the entire process from start to finish and what that requires.