ahead of what's next...


Long-term Outlook

Nextworld will do things right for our employees and customers for the long-term. 


With our extensive experience we know what it takes to develop and deliver solutions that solve the most challenging enterprise problems.  Designing and architecting our product specifically for these use cases is what sets our product apart.

Revolutionizing Development

Nextworld is the only complete, enterprise grade, development solution. We are uniquely qualified to understand the trade-off between complex and powerful systems and the need to develop and deliver them simply, predictably and intuitively.  Our goal is to revolutionize how that is accomplished.

Future Proof

Frequent technology changes are the norm in the rapidly evolving environment that our customers exist in.  Nextworld protects our customers from the impact of these shifts and allows them to adapt with minimal effort and expense due to our unique architecture. 

Masters of Abstraction

We build simply brilliant solutions for complex requirements.  We can do this because we are masters of abstraction and place a premium on simplicity over complication.

Superior Quality

Nextworld will ensure consistency and have a tenfold quality improvement over conventionally developed solutions.   Quality is one of our competitive differentiators in a landscape of software providers that suffer from brittle, bug ridden solutions - all made possible by our unique architecture and singular focus on quality.

Intuitive User Interface

Our contemporary user interface, responsive web-based client experience, and application interface patterns ensure consistency and simplicity for end users. Patterns for end user interaction are all enabled automatically.  This approach reduces the learning curve dramatically.

Customer Profitability

Nextworld allows solutions to be developed and deployed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional platforms, toolsets and web application frameworks.  Our customers can choose between a fully managed or a private cloud deployment giving them the flexibility they need. 

Integration as a First Class Citizen

Although integrations are challenging, we are the “one throat to choke” as we will take responsibility for integrating Nextworld to our customer's third party products.



Colorado is our home

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Beautiful Colorado

One hour to the Rocky Mountains and world class skiing and snowboarding. With easy access to the great outdoors and 300+ days of sunshine, no wonder Colorado is the fastest growing state in the country.  Come join us.

While the mountains get great amounts of snow during the winter,  Denver winters are surprisingly mild.  

Summers are hot, but because we are so dry it is comfortable.  Evenings, when the temperatures dip, are perfect.



Culture and the Arts

Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) is the nation's largest not for profit theater organization.    

We also have the Denver Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Arts and the Colorado History Museum.

Sports and Entertainment

Denver is one of the premier sports cities in the country.  Home to the Denver Broncos, the Nuggets, the Avalanche, the Rockies, and the Rapids.

We also have the most beautiful entertainment venues - Red Rocks, Fiddler's Green and the Pepsi Center for large scale events. 


The Office and Work Environment

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100% Co-located Team

Nextworld believes in the value of teams being co-located, working and collaborating together on a regular basis.  As a result, we have invested in premium office space in the Denver Tech Center with convenient access to light rail, downtown Denver and the entire Denver metro area.


Our location has covered parking, a gym and locker rooms as well as a common lounge/cafe area where you can get lunch, snacks and coffee. 

Open Office Plan

Our office space is designed to foster innovation, creativity and community. There are no offices - only open seating areas to encourage frequent interactions among everyone on the team.  We also have a conference room and huddle rooms available when they are needed.

The office has water, fruit and healthy snacks. Of course, there is access to a really nice coffee maker too.