Meet an Intern: Becca

Name: Becca May


Major: Computer Science

Minor: Data Science

School: Colorado School of Mines, 2018



Why did you want to intern for Nextworld?

I have spent all of my past summer breaks going on and leading canoeing and sea kayaking trips throughout Northern Wisconsin and the Canadian Arctic. Therefore, the idea of looking for a job within an entirely different field was intimidating to me. However, from the moment my interview with the founders at Nextworld began, I knew that this is where I wanted to work. The founders took the time to get to know me as an individual before asking about my technical experience which showed how important the Nextworld culture is to those working here. I also knew that working at Nextworld would allow me to be a part of a new and exciting project that could make a lot of peoples lives easier. Lastly, when I heard more about the emphasis that the founders place on the Nextworld team and the passion that they had for the product, I could not pass up the opportunity to work here.

What was the most interesting/exciting thing that you've been able to do as an intern? Your “Magic Moment”?

I had the opportunity to work on two major projects during my internship. The first was to develop a caching mechanism to decrease the number of lookups preformed within Nextworld applications to increase their efficiency. The second was to integrate the messaging app, Slack, with Nextworld. It is very difficult to pick just one “magic moment” as every part of this internship was an incredible opportunity to learn and contribute to something greater than myself. However, the moment that stands out the most to me is when I caught a glimpse of a coworkers screen and saw them using the Slack integration tool that I had spent months building. Even as an intern, I feel as if I contributed something useful to Nextworld which is so fulfilling and inspiring for me. 

In what way has Nextworld impacted you, and how have you left an impact at Nextworld?

Nextworld has impacted me in more ways than I expected. Before working at Nextworld, I had only two years of computer science classes and was not overly confident in my ability to take on the tasks handed to me upon arriving here. However, I am now a much more confident programmer as I have completed projects I didn’t think I would even be asked to do while here. I have also been reassured that I am entering an industry that I belong in and that the classes that I am taking are going to pay off.

As an intern, I was not expecting to have much of an impact on Nextworld but I am thankful that I don’t believe that to be true anymore. Throughout my time here, I have increased the efficiency of lookups through a caching system and proved that our software is able to be integrated with other applications by integrating Slack with Nextworld Agile Tasks. I have also created a platform for sending notifications through Slack, emails, text messages, or the Nextworld websocket based on individual employees preferences.

What types of lessons/skills have you learned that you will take back to school?

I cannot believe how much I have learned throughout the few short weeks that I have been interning at Nextworld. I am walking out of this summer with not only a greater understanding of server-side programming but also a greater appreciation for programming in general. I know that I have learned an incredible amount of development and coding concepts in my time here but I feel as if I have learned even more as a person. The most significant part of that being that I have become less hesitant to ask questions and reach out for help when I need it. Throughout my time at Nextworld I have been encouraged to ask questions and push my comfort zone. Because of that, I have learned more than I thought possible. I hope to take this lesson back to school and apply it in the classroom setting to make the most out of my classes.

Discuss the people at Nextworld.

It is the culture that makes Nextworld what it is but that would not be possible without the people creating that culture. I have never walked into an office where I have felt so welcomed and included. I have never been afraid to admit that I don’t understand something or ask a question at Nextworld because everyone is willing to help and share their expertise. The people here are some of the most hardworking, fun, and down to earth people I know and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from them.