Meet an Intern: Justin


Name: Justin Persinger

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Computation and Applied Mathematics

School: Colorado School of Mines, 2018



Why did you want to intern for Nextworld?

When I met the founders, I knew that this company was unique. The company’s culture and friendly environment make for an open social atmosphere and really set the employees up for success and happiness. Vito, Axel and Kylee are open, brilliant and experienced – they each have so much to offer that you can learn from. Most of all, they value each and every one of their employees (and interns!), and make it known to them very clearly and often. After interviewing, I visited the office, met some of my potential coworkers, and knew that this was the place to be. Everybody here is happy with the company, their colleagues, and the opportunities presented here at Nextworld.

What was the most interesting/exciting thing that you've been able to do as an intern?

I was given the opportunity to create the first external integration with the Nextworld platform. This was really interesting because I had to learn a lot about how our products worked internally and transform them to be displayed in another program. I was given a lot of freedom to research and incorporate any findings into the integration’s design. I was really given the chance to both showcase and grow my skillset through this project. It was also exciting to pave the way for a completely new set of Nextworld products.

In what way has Nextworld impacted you, and how have you left an impact at Nextworld?

Nextworld has undoubtedly raised my standards for any future employers. What they do here is truly special. Every team member is treated as indispensable, because everyone brings a unique background or way of thinking to the group. Communication is not just encouraged, it is the core of the company. We train to improve it in fun and intriguing ways, and by really taking the time to learn about each other—personalities, backgrounds, values, families, and aspirations—every base is covered. After working here for just 8 weeks, I have a team of intelligent and thoughtful people surrounding me which feels like a family. I’ve also learned a lot in many different areas, from team interaction and tools for our collective productivity, to more technical aspects like programming languages and definite methods for how commercial products scale. Nextworld has left me full of hope for the future of my career and eager to find out what’s next.
I think I’ve also impacted Nextworld through the work I’ve done here. I’ve helped make certain programs more efficient or conservative with their use of resources. I also had a large role in making the first of a new set of products, external integrations. I think the work I did and effort made in this area will benefit the company for a long time to come.

What types of lessons/skills have you learned at Nextworld that you will take back to school after this summer ends?

One big takeaway is ways to effectively interact with a team and benefit everyone involved. This applies when working together on products, communicating about work and personal life, and how to use your resources (like other people!) in the office to improve your workflow. I’ve also learned how to track progress retroactively and apply it to future work in order to make reasonable estimates for timelines and continually improve your own work. I’ve been exposed to new programming languages and already applied them to make whole projects in the time I’ve worked here. All of these skills will serve me well in school and indefinitely into the future.

Discuss the people at Nextworld

The people are the foundation of the company. They are what makes Nextworld the best in everything from amount of code produced to team communication and employee fulfillment. The founders of the company ensure every employee hears how they are valued by Nextworld and how their skills and personality benefit those surrounding them. There are opportunities to get to know everybody in the company. Everybody brings their unique backgrounds, culture, and personality to the workplace, and the company embraces and celebrates them. I have met many people whom I hope to know for a long time after finishing my internship here.