Corporate Giving

 As an organization, we participate in the joy of giving by partnering with Save our Youth.  Nextworld employees are actively involved mentoring young women by doing what we do  best... introducing them to careers in the software industry.

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Employee Giving

At Nextworld we are creating a company-wide habit of giving back to the community.  We are proud of our employee's for their continual investment of both their time and money.  Below you can learn more about what some of our employees are doing to give back.


Axel Allgeier

Axel and his family volunteer as ski instructors at the National Sports Center for the Disabled.  The Allgeiers enjoy sharing their passion for the outdoors with disabled youth, and individuals with almost any cognitive, emotional or behavioral diagnosis.  NSCD gives the disabled an opportunity to participate in outdoor activities, learn to ski and enjoy the beauty of Colorado.


Carey Seely

The Seely's have special ties to Africa and give to Hope Haven Ministries in Rwanda and Children of Hope in Kenya.  Since 2003, they have sponsored two World Vision children, one in Haiti, and one in Mozambique.   They also support the Arthritis Foundation and AIM at Melanoma Foundation.


Ed McVaney

Over the past 40 years Ed and Carole McVaney have given of their time and treasure to countless organizations. Among their favorites are Save Our Youth where they each have mentored at risk young people and Mile High Ministries, an organization that engages, equips and empowers Denver's poor.


Kylee Lourie

Kylee and Gerry Lourie helped found Valor Christian High School in 2005.  They are committed to Valor's tuition assistance program which gives almost $2,000,000 a year to families that cannot afford private tuition.  The Lourie's are also actively involved with Asha in the Red Light, an achor project of Times Square Church.  Asha (Hindi for hope) provides for the needs of women enslaved in the flesh trade of India and to the children born in brothels. 



Vito Solimene

Vito and his wife Jennifer have two children with serious allergies and asthma. They have benefited from the doctors and superior care at National Jewish Hospital, one of the country's top respiratory hospitals.  They give to support continued research so that others might also benefit.  In addition they donate time and give support to Colorado Special Olympics. They feel great about helping the special Olympians experience the excitement of sportsmanship and accomplishment.


Joyce is actively involved in Hope on the Slopes.  Hope on the Slopes is a nationwide fundraising event for skiers & snowboarders benefiting the American Cancer Society. 



Kiana is partnered with LightBridge International, a faith-based nonprofit.  LightBridge International’s mission is to engage individuals to care for the orphaned and poor by providing support, training, discipleship and development opportunities.  Kiana has served multiple times in Cambodia and Thailand at LightBridge’s various sites.  Kiana also sponsors a child, Little Tida, in LightBridge’s Blossom Home orphanage.



Ryan cares deeply for those who are less fortunate.  Ryan is actively involved as a mentor with Save Our Youth.  Ryan also has always had a heart for Africa and supports a child from Ethiopia, Samuel, to pay for school and other essential supplies through Food for the Hungry.  Ryan also supports Food for the Hungry by actively volunteering and encouraging others to sponsor.