The Enterprise Resource Platform

If you have a complicated relationship with ERP, you're not alone. In many cases, it's considered a costly burden to organizations needing to respond to ever changing business challenges. We've made ERP what you hoped it would be.

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The Cloud-Based ERP Application Platform

The last ERP you'll ever need

New technologies are emerging faster than ever. What if disruptive technologies didn't have to disrupt your business?

Nextworld is built on an Adaptive Architecture, where applications automatically inherit new technologies that are delivered through our no code platform. You get the latest in business innovations - without the hassle.

A solution that grows with you

Your business is unique. So much of an organization's differentiation is reflected in its business processes. The problem is, out-of-the-box ERP doesn't meet 100% of business needs so companies turn to alternative solutions to fill the functional gaps.

Nextworld's No-Code Application platform makes it simple for IT or business analysts to extend your ERP functionality.

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Workflow that works the way you do

Most packaged applications today come with workflow. But it tends to fall short when you're trying to mold your business processes to vendor-built workflows.

Nextworld's Workflow Orchestration enables businesses to create and modify workflows that operate cross-functionally and support end-to-end differentiation.

Customizations that automatically update

In the world of ERP, your unique business processes are your differentiation. Customization, while accomplishing that differentiation, ends up spinning a never-ending web of technical debt.

Nextworld cloud-based ERP software supports Sustainable Customizations, ensuring that changes you make to applications are safely retained and automatically merge with future upgrades. With Nextworld, customization doesn't have to be penalized. In fact, we encourage it.

Simplify the IT landscape

It has never been easier to buy new cloud solutions. While levels of departmental software purchases increase, IT landscapes are becoming more cluttered and cumbersome to maintain, introducing new challenges around compliance and security.

With Nextworld, you have options. Build new, automatically integrated applications with our enterprise, no-code platform or integrate to other best-of-breed solutions. Nextworld was designed to integrate, leveraging a single set of REST APIs that make it simple to get data in and out of the system.



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