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Next-generation enterprise software


Your mission is our mission. We empower great companies to stay ahead of what's next so that they can impact the world for good. We provide an enterprise cloud development platform and applications built on that platform that enable you to focus on what matters: your business.

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With our extensive experience we know what it takes to develop and deliver solutions that solve the most challenging enterprise problems.  Designing and architecting our product specifically for these use cases is what sets our product apart.

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Revolutionizing Development

Nextworld is the only 100% no-code, enterprise grade, platform as a service.  We are uniquely qualified to understand the trade-off between complex and powerful systems and the need to develop and deliver them simply, predictably and intuitively.  Our goal is to revolutionize how that is accomplished.

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Future Proof

Frequent technology changes are the norm in the rapidly evolving environment that our customers exist in.  Nextworld protects our customers from the impact of these shifts and allows them to adapt with minimal effort due to our unique architecture. 


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Superior Quality

Nextworld's pattern-based approach abstracts complexity and ensures consistency for end-users and developers.

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Customer Profitability

Nextworld allows solutions to be developed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional platforms, tool-sets and web application frameworks.  We are able to pass that savings on to our customers.

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Integrate the way you want

Experience integration as a first-class citizen. We treat your data the same no matter where it comes from, allowing for iterative, lower-risk implementations.

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Long-term outlook

Nextworld will do things right for our employees and customers for the long-term.