Nextworld for Financial Services

Financial services companies like banking service providers, commercial banks, and consumer lending organizations must adapt to a new paradigm. Driven by digital-first competitors, increased regulation, and rapidly changing consumer expectations, financial services firms are under pressure to adapt in new ways.

Nextworld ERP for Financial Services enables you to keep pace with change by replacing tired legacy systems with a revolutionary no-code platform that enables totally customizable enterprise applications and powerful automation tools. By modernizing your ERP, you can remain competitive in an increasingly dynamic market.

Minimize disruption

The financial sector is being disrupted by a new breed of competitor that is leveraging technology to exploit service gaps and take market share. These digital-first companies, like fintech firms, are fast to act and appeal to customers that are dissatisfied with outdated banking experiences. Nextworld ERP helps financial services companies avoid disruption and evolve rapidly to align to shifting customer expectations.

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Digitalize or die

With a sophisticated and flexible ERP, financial services companies can easily digitalize manual processes and use data much more effectively, making it easier to manage competitive risk and complex compliance tasks brought on by increasingly tougher financial reporting requirements and government regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

A new ERP for the digital era

Nextworld ERP was built entirely from the ground up, leapfrogging legacy ERP technology to deliver a modern, agile solution that allows financial services businesses to stay ahead of what’s next. Through a combination of real-time access to data, customizable automation features, and robust auditing capabilities, you can unite disorderly data across different systems and leave manual processes behind.

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Financial Services Solution Brief

Read how one consumer lender shortened their period close from 5 days to 2 with Nextworld Financials.