Our Culture

Our corporate culture is what makes Nextworld a special place to work.


Like all businesses, Nextworld constantly faces difficult choices. To provide direction for our decision making, we have defined a clear set of corporate values — the “lofty goals” toward which we strive. We don’t pretend that these ideals are easy to attain.  But in our effort to achieve them, we improve our decision making and more clearly set our priorities with our culture in mind.


Preserve our corporate culture.

Our culture is what truly makes us different. It fosters the fun and rewarding environment which allows us to achieve both our corporate and personal goals. If we do not preserve our corporate culture, we might as well work somewhere else. We will measure everything we do against our corporate culture.

Aspire to quality and excellence in everything we do.

Nextworld endeavors to do it right the first time. In these days of rushed decision making and hurried product development, we are determined to avoid sacrificing quality for short-term expediency.


Achieve total customer Satisfaction.

Our goal is to partner with our customers for the long term. We will constantly over deliver so our customers will be delighted and provide excellent references for Nextworld. Our aim is to create happy customers that cannot keep their satisfaction to themselves. 

Honor God in our conduct.

We do not promote religion, nor do we encourage indiscreet expressions of religious views. Nevertheless, God provides the ultimate standard of our conduct.


Grow at a sustainable rate.

Introduction of new technologies, and economic fluctuations can all affect Nextworld's success. It is in our company's best interest to grow at a rate that we can sustain even under less favorable market conditions.

Care for our employees, our most valuable asset.

We encourage intelligent, industrious people who cherish integrity and believe in the same business ideals as Nextworld to join and stay with our company. We offer our employees a peaceful, harmonious work environment where everyone can achieve their greatest potential.


Tolerance and Forgiveness

Our differences require that we be tolerant and considerate in accepting one another’s personality traits and shortcomings.  Our accepting culture and entrepreneurial tendencies also demand forgiveness.  Nextworld is a company of judicious risk takers.  We are not careless gamblers, but we do take chances.  Because occasional failure is inevitable in risk taking, we have learned to be tolerant and forgiving.  Occasional failure is the small price we pay for greatness.  As Albert Einstein said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." 


Impeccable character. 

Dishonesty is extremely stressful and hinders productivity. Honesty is peaceful. We should be honest in everything we do. But above all, we must be honest with ourselves — admit mistakes, accept failure, and work hard to prevent recurring errors. Good character, strong ethics, and high moral standards make for a quality work environment — and a good night’s sleep.

Believing in one another.

Many of us have already been through a lot together. We share a common vision. When things get tough — and they often do — we confidently focus on a positive outcome. We believe in Nextworld and we believe in one another. Nextworld is a great place to work but it asks for one big thing from every employee — your heart.  If your heart is not in Nextworld, you shouldn’t be working here.


Work ethic.

It's been said that a person’s success is 85% attitude and 15% ability. Nothing reflects a good attitude more than willingness to work hard. Nextworld asks that every employee provide a solid, honest day’s work — every day.  

Realistic expectations. 

Over the years, we’ve learned that the surest way to failure is to create unrealistic expectations. Once an unrealistic expectation has been set, it is almost impossible to succeed. In our desire to impress others, we will avoid the tendency to say “yes” too quickly. 


Long-term outlook.

Nextworld is a patient company, and that patience will be prevalent in all of our operations. We place a higher priority on long-term success than the short term gains. We intend to be in business 30 years from now, by focusing on business fundamentals.