Our Difference


Our Difference is in Our Architecture


We succeed when you succeed. That’s why we have abstracted away the complexity of our system, so you can focus on what matters: your business. From details like consistent user interface to our state-of-the-art integration model, our architecture enables a seamless user experience. Nextworld is your software. Your way. Your timeline.



User experience matters.

Our client platform is built with the latest technology and enterprise-grade frameworks.

  • Take advantage of software that was built and optimized for the cloud from the ground up.

  • Experience the benefits of our single-page architecture — faster, more dynamic, and more interactive.

  • Inherit new UI features and functionality automatically because of our future-proof technology.

  • Learn quickly on any device with applications that are consistent, intuitive, and attractive.


Go Stateless.

Meet NATE: the Nextworld Automated Transaction Engine. NATE is the brains behind our stateless architecture, supporting complex transactions, providing a safety net, and automatic auditing.

  • Focus on your goals, not your upgrades. Nextworld products upgrade automatically with zero down time.

  • Don't miss a beat. If something goes wrong, you won't lose your work.

  • Meet your demands. Scale instantly and elastically to maximize responsiveness.

Integrate the way you want.

 Experience integration as a first-class citizen. We treat your data the same no matter where it comes from.  

  • Integrate using the same REST API endpoints as our native client interface.

  • Validate data the same way, regardless of the source.


Protect Everything.

Your data is a competitive asset. Nextworld protects it with an advanced security model. 

  • Leverage two-factor authentication, IP white listing, and password complexity rules.

  • Assume control over what others see with the "principle of least privilege" approach to permissions and data access.

  • Trust in our reinforced, multi-layered security. Our database can only be accessed using our API. As a result, Nextworld security rules are enforced at all times. 

Adapt. Don't Disrupt.

The Nextworld sustainable customization model allows you to quickly adapt your business to capitalize on opportunities without wondering if your technology can support it.

  • Empower your business users to customize applications to meet your unique requirements. With Nextbot, change is fast, easy, and straightforward.

  • Customize the software with an extensible data model, unlimited custom fields, modifiable business logic, and personalized dashboards.

  • Protect your investment. All customizations are automatically merged with new releases.


control your transaction lifecycle.

Enable workflow anywhere. Nextworld workflow captures the series of steps required to model your real-world business scenarios.

  • Define workflow states and conditions that reflect your business processes.

  • Increase productivity through automated notifications and approvals.