If you want to build the future, make it future proof

The Nextworld founders have watched the ERP industry evolve for decades from mainframes and midrange. Although new vendors have innovated in response to technology changes, none have ever built 'separate' from the technology of the day. None have built in anticipation of embracing new technology.

That’s what was missing in the enterprise software market. We asked ourselves, "Why should a company's massive investment in business applications come with an expiration date? And why should companies have to settle for their ERP to be cobbled together on dated technologies?"

Your ERP system should not be preventing innovation.

There's a better way.

We founded Nextworld to give our customers software services that will automatically stay ahead of what’s next. Software that will unleash our customers to take advantage of new opportunities and tackle emerging challenge quicker than ever before. We are in partnership with our customers – your mission is our mission. Our software will propel your mission.