Our Story


If you want to build the future, make it future proof.


Our Founder and Chairman of the Board, Ed McVaney, has watched the software industry evolve since punch cards and mainframes. Although new companies have innovated in response to technology changes, no one has built “above” or “separate” from the technology of the day.  No one has built in anticipation of new technology. No one has built ahead of what’s next.

That’s what was missing in the enterprise software market. We asked ourselves, what do companies do when their current enterprise software no longer meets their needs? Why should the massive investment in business applications be tied to the technology they were built on? 

It takes too long to build a full enterprise suite and almost as long to re-build it.  When technology changes, is 10 years to rebuild acceptable?  Is 5 years?  Is 1 year?  We say no – your investment should not have an expiration date. How do you build something that is truly future proof? It’s a problem no one has ever solved. Until now.

Ed has passed on to his daughter, Kylee, a passion for well-architected software and the value of a company’s culture.  Combine that with the 27 years of enterprise experience of each of our “chief geniuses,” Axel Allgeier and Vito Solimene, and you have a powerful team where innovation and culture drive our success.

We founded Nextworld to give our customers software services that will automatically stay ahead of what’s next.  Software that will unleash our customers to bring their ideas to action quicker than ever before.  We are in partnership with our customers – your mission is our mission.  Our software will propel your mission.