An extraordinary history makes way for an unprecedented future.


C. Edward McVaney

Chairman of the Board

Ed McVaney is the Chairman of the Board at Nextworld and is actively involved in the product’s design. 

Ed’s success in the software industry began in 1977 when he founded J.D. Edwards, a multi-national ERP software company based in Denver, Colorado. While serving as Chairman, President, and CEO of J.D. Edwards, Ed guided the company to massive growth. The company grew from 3 employees to over 5,000, operated in 107 countries, and localized the software into 18 different languages. J.D. Edwards was acquired by Oracle in 2003, and even today many of its 5,000 customers still run their business on J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne software.

In addition to being known for its success in the software industry, J.D. Edwards is also well-remembered for its strong corporate culture. It was one of the first companies to build its culture on these foundational principles: customer satisfaction is its top priority; employees are its most important assets; and it has a responsibility to honor God in all activities. Nextworld has adopted many of the same corporate values and ideals.

Never one to sit still, Ed has been very active since his retirement from J.D. Edwards.  One of his first endeavors was to spend six months working with the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Iraq. He lived in a trailer and worked daily in Saddam’s Republican Palace.  Passionate about education, Ed also founded the J.D. Edwards Honors Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and helped found Valor Christian High School in Denver, Colorado. 

Ed graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He received his MBA from Rutgers University, and he is a certified public accountant.

When he is not designing software or changing the world, Ed is a proud Grandpa, prolific writer, antique car buff, golfer, angler and part-time rancher.


Kylee McVaney Lourie

Chief Executive Officer

Kylee McVaney Lourie is the co-founder and CEO of Nextworld. Kylee was essentially raised on software, landing her first job in the technology industry in 1977 when her father, Ed McVaney, founded J.D. Edwards. Starting out as the “Xerox girl”, Kylee was exposed to all aspects of the ERP product. By the time she graduated high school, Kylee was considered a subject matter expert in both payables and fixed assets.

Kylee went on to earn a BS in Accounting from the University of Southern California, became a CPA, enjoyed a brief stint in public accounting, and then returned to J.D. Edwards where she held various technical and management positions.

In addition to her love of technology and software, Kylee is passionate about providing opportunities for the next generation to excel and make a positive impact in the world. In 2005, Kylee helped found Valor Christian High School, and served as chairman of the board until 2017. Under her guidance, Valor has achieved national recognition, and has grown from an initial enrollment of 120 students to a current size of about 1,200. She is also the founder of TyL Dressage in Wellington, Florida. TyL Dressage is an internationally recognized center of excellence for Olympic level equestrians.

Now with the founding of Nextworld, Kylee has returned to her roots and is excited to partner with some of the best technical minds in the industry to revolutionize enterprise software and cultivate a world class company culture and happy, profitable customers.


Axel Allgeier

Founder, Chief Software Engineer

Axel Allgeier has over 26 years of experience in the enterprise tools space. Axel began his career at J.D. Edwards where he was the principal architect and inventor of J.D. Edwards' Configurable Network Computing architecture. Axel then led the J.D. Edwards and PeopleSoft Tools teams until the acquisition of PeopleSoft by Oracle, where he held various leadership positions as a Vice President of Engineering. Most recently, Axel led the creation and launch of a new cloud middleware service for Oracle.

Axel has spent a large part of his career building software that abstracts complexity from its end users and believes that the emphasis on simplicity is often lost, especially in the enterprise software space.

Axel holds three patents and graduated from Princeton University with a BA in Computer Science.

When he is not building and designing great software, Axel enjoys taking advantage of all the great outdoor activities Colorado has to offer with his family.  Axel is also hooked on Crossfit.


Vito Solimene

Founder, Chief Software Engineer

Vito is a veteran of the enterprise software industry, having worked in the business for more than 26 years. His experience began at J.D. Edwards, where he was instrumental in the design and architecture for the application development toolset. Eventually Vito become Vice President of Engineering and head of application development for J.D. Edwards. He continued in that capacity through the eventual acquisition by PeopleSoft and then ultimately Oracle. Most recently his responsibilities at Oracle involved leading the application development team for Core HR.

Vito has great pride in his work and loves to develop and deliver exceptional software. Perhaps even more than that, he loves building and working with great teams. He brings experience and creativity in all that he does, and cannot be more excited to build the next truly great company and product at Nextworld.

Vito holds three software patents. He attended Rutgers College, where he graduated with a BA in Computer Science. 

Vito is a devoted family man, with a beautiful wife and two sons. He attended Rutgers College where he graduated with a BA in Computer Science, and he holds three software patents. He enjoys playing golf and tennis and is an avid Crossfitter and weightlifter.