Built by accountants for accountants, our enterprise resource planning software is designed to help your team improve agility to meet sudden changes and increase data and process consistency. Our dashboards display real-time insights, so you can rely on a single source of truth to drive decisions and reduce reliance on error-prone spreadsheets by using our no-code development platform to automate your processes.

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Critical to your distribution operations, is achieving the optimal procurement and management of materials. Nextworld Procurement helps you to evaluate your buying decisions based on factors like cost, quality, lead times, and supplier reliability. We have put supplier management at the core of our solution and reduced the amount of work required of your team to generate, match, and settle invoices - all while giving you visibility into your key performance indicators. Nextworld ensures that product inventory is guaranteed for your customers while keeping your operations lean.

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The Nextworld Sales suite puts your customers at the center of your operations from the initial touch point through to sending your product out the door. In today's world of shortened lead times and readily-available information, Nextworld can help you meet and exceed your customers' expectations.

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Nextworld® Manufacturing helps companies with mixed-mode manufacturing needs. Across the same master data and applications an enterprise can confidently plan, track, consume, and execute production processes for discrete, repetitive, and process manufacturing. Increase your velocity and resource output and decrease your IT and governance spend by having a truly unified manufacturing system. Our Nextbot® no-code platform empowers businesses to safely solve their unique needs while continuing to deliver the new functionality our dynamic industries demand.

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Nextworld Projects was designed by project managers who understand your unique needs. Our project-based cloud ERP solution gives you the ability to expedite the entire project lifecycle. Our forecast project costs in real-time and provides accurate projections to stakeholders. Take advantage of expanded and flexible profit recognition options for your operational and reporting requirements. You get the agility you need.

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Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management by AMS is a comprehensive state-of-the-art equipment operations and maintenance solution for asset-intensive industries who depend on the reliability and availability of their critical equipment. EAM by AMS provides work order lifecycle capability: from entering a work request, to planning, scheduling, performing, reviewing, and closing work orders. Core to any operations organization, equipment master data management, and preventive maintenance round out the solution to ensure asset uptime and company productivity.

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Security and Risk

Access to sensitive programs, combinations of access that present risk, and roles assigned to users are major components of an enterprise application compliance program. SARA checks risk points to make sure only the right people have access to the specific information they need, and security controls are evaluated. Security and Risk (SARA) by ERP-One also uses automation and workflow to direct approvers to only the records that need their attention.

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Custom Manufacturing

Nextworld ERP’s Manufacturing module helps job shops or make-to-order manufacturers compete by providing their shop floor with the tools to better manage manufacturing materials and improve shop floor operations in driving their production processes.

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IND Manufacturing
Wholesale Distribution

Nextworld ERP’s Wholesale Distribution offering is an end-to-end solution that ensures you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations in a world of shortened lead times and highly competitive landscapes. Nextworld is a single solution for sourcing product, managing orders, tracking inventory, and delivering on time - proactively ensuring inventory availability and uncovering ways to cut costs.

Using our no-code platform, Nextbot, you can personalize your distribution workflows, data, and processes to fit your unique way of doing things – all while staying current on the latest technologies and features that we deliver to you in every release.

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IND Wholesale
Inventory Dependent Services

Nextworld ERP Projects improves an industrial services company’s profitability by tying job cost and material usage to project activity. With Nextworld ERP, you can easily build and manage projects and jobs within a defined Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).  Gain visibility and control over the entire project lifecycle:

  • Stakeholders gain visibility to monitor job costs and project accounting
  • Monitor revenues - original and revised budgets, actuals revenue
  • Increase contractual compliance through encumbrance monitoring
  • Increase visibility to project needs and issues as they arise

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IND Technnology
Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate by REMLogics™ is a cloud-native property management application for commercial office, retail, and mixed-use real estate. Tenant satisfaction is crucial for successful property managers. Commercial Real Estate was built to give you a 360-degree view of your tenants and automate transactions through the tenant portal.

You can easily manage lease versions, options, renewals, lease abstracts, and lease clauses to make tenant operational activities more efficient for you and more convenient for your tenants.

Manage your portfolio from one, central location or from your phone. Regardless of your size, we’ll help you lift asset performance and increase net operating income.

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IND Real Estate
Wine and Spirits

A vineyard, grower, and winemaking solution built to give end-to-end visibility into your winery operations from grape to glass. With NuTrax for Wine, you can gain a single source of truth and automate the management of growers and blocks, through blending operations, inventory, distribution channels, and supply chain, fully integrated into your procurement processes and financials.

NuTrax for Spirits is a solution that provides a full suite of procurement and financials applications to support your business process needs and provides complete visibility across your distillery operations. Underpinning these business applications is a common data model providing your single source of the truth with track-and-trace visibility throughout your unique distillery process, from ranch and grower management and operations at the block level, through receiving and scale house operations, and then on to blend, inventory management and shipping.

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IND Wine
Specialty Contractors

Nextworld ERP Projects improves an Engineering and Construction company’s ability to track project cost and material usage tied to job site activities. With Nextworld, easily build and manage projects and jobs to a defined Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Gain visibility and control over the entire project lifecycle:

  • Stakeholders gain visibility to monitor material usage, job costs, and project accounting
  • Monitor revenues - original and revised budgets as well as actuals revenue
  • Increase visibility to project needs and issues as they arise
  • Increase contractual compliance through encumbrance monitoring

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The Enterprise Resource Platform

If you have a complicated relationship with ERP, you're not alone. It's often considered a costly burden to organizations needing to respond to ever changing business challenges. We made ERP what you hoped it would be.

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