Nextworld for Specialty Contractors

From individual job records to asset management to employee tracking and material costs, specialty contracting is a detail business. Specialty contractors rely on both a granular understanding of their business along with a big-picture awareness of market trends, resources, and access to capital in order to make strategic decisions. Nextworld Enterprise Applications Platform for Specialty Contractors gives you fast, accurate, and reliable information on day-to-day activity with the ability to compile those details into a comprehensive view of your operations when larger, longer-term decisions need to be made.

Build a better business applications platform

Whether you deliver services for excavation, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, drywall, masonry, painting, or other construction work, Nextworld enables your organization to overcome the limitations of existing business and management processes with a completely redesigned Enterprise Resource Platform. To reduce project costs, Nextworld supports fabrication and manufacturing requirements so you can take advantage of pre-built assemblies to save time. Harness the details and make better strategic decisions with Nextworld Enterprise Applications Platform.

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Get a grip with real-time data

Every project is different and comes with a distinct set of needs related to trade specialty, materials procurement, and inventory management. Tracking all the variables using manual methods is time-consuming and erodes your margins. Nextworld enables you to dramatically improve your operations by providing real-time visibility into job costs, job margins, job progress, and inventory at the job site and in the warehouse. Go ahead, ditch the spreadsheets.

Cut your costs, raise your margins

Nextworld Enterprise Applications Platform was built entirely from the ground up, leapfrogging legacy ERP technology to deliver a modern, agile solution that allows specialty contractors to get more done in the office and in the field. In the office, you can automate business workflows that increase productivity and reduce costs of materials and inventory with better vendor terms. In the field, increase order performance with a collaborative platform that enables technicians to get the job done with the right materials at the right time.

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