The problem with ERP as you know it


New opportunities and uncertainties are a given for every organization. When it comes to adapting to changing needs, traditional ERP is far from being agile or responding to the speed of business.

Cost to Support

The high cost to maintain your ERP system, along with the resources required, is a poor trade-off as opposed to using those funds to help IT propel the business with real innovation.

Low Return on Investment

It's a given that an ERP system is a 'must have' for most businesses. Yet, many report experiencing the lowest returns on their investment when compared to other elements of their tech stack.

ERP ranks dead last again... and again

It's no surprise. ERP has been voted dead last among its software counterparts for years, ranking lowest in terms of return on investment, total cost of ownership, and near the bottom in customer satisfaction. That's a lot of unhappy customers.

“Computer Economics, a service of Avasant Research.”

The trends support a new approach

By 2024
75% of organizations will be using no-code / low-code tools
74% of IT leaders say they plan to push application development into business units they serve
of executives agree that their organization must train its people to think like technologists – to use and customize technology solutions at the individual level, but without highly technical skills
of enterprises already use the cloud
of executives state that technology architecture is becoming very critical or critical to the overall success of their organization
Companies spend an average of 72% of their IT budgets on maintenance

A radical solution to a deep-rooted problem

The Nextworld founders have a long history in ERP software. In 2016, they asked themselves, "if we were to build a new cloud applications platform from the ground up, how would we do it differently?"

Nextworld started with a clean slate, offering a radical alternative to organizations burdened by legacy ERP systems. Our Enterprise Application Platform enables companies to be flexible and adaptable; to run their business their way and focus on competitive challenges and exciting new opportunities.

Nextworld is a revolutionary solution to typical problems associated with ERP. They are becoming the competitive edge for businesses looking toward the future

Mark Goedde, CEO of NuVerge